Muslimah Dept (UMMAR)

Headed by a dedicated volunteer, who is selected within the members, by the members, in conjunction with the the Mosque’s Board Member’s appointment by MUIS; the department has played their active role in fund-raising years before the mosque was built. As years passed by, their role has also changed. They are now more engaging in activities organised beyond the mosque. They participated other mosques’ events mostly for mass exercises, tilawatul quran, nasyid etc. As for their internal program, they have their:

  1. Weekly exercise;
  2. Weekly Social activities at Ren Ci Nursing Home together with Befrienders;
  3. Weekly Jumble Sale;
  4. Educational tour;
  5. Tilawatul Quran

They are also involved in mosque activities such Spring Cleaning, Preparation of Iftar and Korban.

Currently there are 30 members in the Muslimah Dept.