Social Development

Social Development Dept

Headed by Social Development Officer, the department’s main task is to be as a centre for MUIS to disburse Zakat to residents. Residents who qualify for MUIS financial assistance are those:

  • who are suffering from chronic illness / kidney failure / physical or mental disabilities
  • who have insufficient income
  • whose head of the family is currently in prison / DRC
  • who are single parents in need of financial support

and their family / self monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) is less than $350.

The zakat beneficiaries are not only taken care with their financial needs but also their spiritual requirements. There are Islamic Education programs tailored especially for them which we call Pelita Kasih. Apart from that, we also organise cooking lessons 3 times throughout the year. This Cooking With Love program has attracted many Zakat Beneficiaries from South West Mosque Clusters.

At present, there are 137 families receiving financial assistance.