Pintar Plus scheme

What is Pintar/ Pintar Plus scheme?

It is a scheme to facilitate our jemaah to make monthly donation to the mosque through Giro. Donors who donate $5.00 monthly (Pintar) will get free funeral services (U.P $900/person) for himself only in the event of his death. Donors who donate more than $20.00 (Pintar Plus) will get free funeral services for the entire family living under one address in the event of any death in the family.

Donors are advised to engage Ar-Raudhah Funeral Services only. No reimbursement will be given if donors engage other funeral services.

How is the donation being channelled to the mosque?

Once your application is approved, our bank will channel your monthly donation to the mosque’s bank account automatically.

How do I register for the schemes?

Applicants with a bank account will have to fill in the Giro form (and the membership form for Pintar Plus scheme), and submit it to our front desk counter. **Please ensure that you print out the form in full colour.** Applicants will also need to submit a photocopy of their NRIC/Birth Certificate. Once approved, they will be notified via mail. The bank will usually take 3 weeks to approve your Giro application.

Each application will receive a free ezlink card, while stocks last.

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