Children make sense of the world through a holistic and integrated curriculum.

Kindergarten @ Ar-Raudhah

We aspire to be the centre provider which provides future Khalifah (leaders) who excels in both Duniawi and Ukhrawi.

Kindergarten @ Ar-Raudhah

Kindergarten Profile

A centre that is the preferred choice for parents to seek early, holistic and joyful education for their young

Our Core Values
Integrated: We provide life-long learning experiences by integrating Islamic values.
Service: We spread the salaam with a smile and engage sincerely.
Love: We love the things we do, the people around us and the environment.
Ambition: We look ahead to constantly improve and excel.
Modesty: We always adopt a moderate approach to reach our target.

We recognize children individuality. They have different paces of learning capability.

We create a supportive environment that maximizes each child’s potential, at individual pace of development.

We strive to impart basic Islamic religious knowledge, skills and values so as to develop loving and confident personality, be able to manage own emotions and behaviors, able to show respect to others, able to portray a positive attitude towards the world around them.


Our thematic curriculum is child-centered and integrated with lots of hands-on exploration. There will be various learning activities.

It will help to contribute to total child development in enhancing their communication, thinking and creativity.

(b)   Numeracy (a) English Language & Literacy
(d) Social and Emotional Development (c)     Discovery of the world
(f) Motor skills


(e)   Quranic Literacy,Surah, Doa & Solat
(h) Aesthetics and

Creative Expression

(g)   Malay Language.
(i)        Computer & IT Appreciation


School Hours

Starting from year 2016 school will operate for 4hrs from Monday to Thursday and 3hrs every Friday.

1st Session: School starts at 8.00am (assembly) to 12.00pm.
2nd session: School starts at 12.15pm (assembly) to 4.15pm.

Parents are advised not to leave their children at school unattended before assembly time.

Financial Assistance

Should you require any financial assistance, you can apply for Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) managed by the mosque, and Educational Trust Fund (ETF) managed by Yayasan Mendaki. This is applicable for all levels.

Please approach our staff at the Administration office for further clarifications. Terms and conditions apply.

Contact Us

For any matters, kindly contact the following:

  1. Mdm Azlina (Principal)
    Tel: 6361 0816
  2. Customer Service Officer
    Tel: 6899 5840
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