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Office of Imam

Join our Office of Imam in their weekly programs! Featured here is Ustaz Hanan in Talaqqi Bersama Imam.


Let's recite the Quran together

Have always wanted to learn to read the Quran? Come and join us in our classes! From beginners to advanced learners - we have you covered.


The world is your classroom

Ar-Raudhah Kindergarten ensures your child gets the best of both worlds.


Higher Learning for Youth

The search for knowledge never ends. Join us in our youth classes, and gain not only beneficial knowledge, but also beautiful friendships along the way.

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Higher Learning @ Ar-Raudhah

Al-Fateh Ar-Raudhah

Al-Fateh Ar-Raudhah is not just a youth group, but also a family which supports one another, and always strive for the betterment of everyone in the family.

Find out about the youth wing at Ar-Raudhah Mosque below!


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Bersangka baik; Sesungguhnya ia menunjukkan kamu tidak suka mencari kesalahan orang lain

Office of Imam, Masjid Ar-Raudhah#KataKataHikmahOOI

“Jika kalian melalui taman syurga, maka singgahlah”. Para sahabat bertanya, ‘Apakah taman syurga itu (Ya Rasulullah)?’ Baginda SAW menjawab, “Majelis Dzikir/’Ilmu.”

HR Tirmidhi dan Ahmad